Media and Press Application

Media Terms and Guidelines

When you apply for a Press Pass, please consider the following:
·        A Press Pass is for professional reporters and media that provide significant national, local, or genre exposure.
·        If you have covered Phoenix Fan Fusion for a previous convention, ensure you have provided copies of your coverage in your application.
·        Your application will be thoroughly vetted, and it is possible you will be contacted to discuss the nature of your coverage.
·        We may ask you to provide additional documentation before approval.

You will not qualify for a Press Pass if you are:
·        Bloggers or Podcasters with limited distribution.
·        Social Media Influencers.
·        Individuals who work in non-reporting roles for media outlets.
·        Convention photographers not on assignment from a media outlet.
·        Freelance reporter/photographer not on assignment from a media outlet.
·        An individual who had been granted prior year Press Pass who cannot provide proof of coverage.
·        An outlet created with the sole intent of obtaining free admission.



·        Does not guarantee interviews with any invited guests. Please arrange interviews through Press Relations prior to the show and after your Press Pass has been approved. Interviews with guests cannot be guaranteed and any on-site requests will be denied. Interview requests made to guests outside of Fan Fusion Press Relations will be denied and result in the withdrawal of your Press Pass.
·        Allows complimentary access during all public hours. It does NOT allow early or special access unless it is prearranged with our Press Relations team.
·        Does not allow you to cut lines, save seats, or obtain free autographs or photo ops from guests.

All applications must be received by April 25, 2024. Late applications will only be considered after all other applications are processed and only if space allows.

Each outlet need only submit ONE application. If approved, you may receive up to four (4) media credentials per outlet. Team member, position, and examples of work for each team member listed on the application are required for approval.

Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Applying does not guarantee approval for a Press Pass credential. Prior approval for a previous Phoenix Fan Fusion or Square Egg Entertainment event does not guarantee approval.

We highly recommend applying as early as possible as Press Badge are limited.

Professional photography, filming, and interviews are not permitted without approved media credentials. Tripods, monopods, external lighting, "selfie sticks", and cameras with lenses with a focal length longer than 85mm are not permitted into the event without a Press Badge.

You will be notified whether you have been granted approval within 4 weeks of when you submit your application. Further information will be provided in a confirmation email.
The deadline to apply for media for Phoenix Fan Fusion 2024 is April 25, 2024 or once all Press Passes have been allocated, whichever comes first.


Phoenix Fan Fusion reserves the right to approve or deny any application for any reason. Please make sure your application is complete with any and all information that will help the Phoenix Fan Fusion Public Relations team to make an informed decision. Incomplete applications will be denied.