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Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 Schedule :: Billy Dee Williams

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Billy Dee Williams

Appearing Fri,Sat,Sun

Hollywood icon Billy Dee Williams will return to the “Star Wars” universe as Lando Calrissian in “Star Wars Episode 9” coming winter of 2019!nn nBilly Dee Williams was a long-anticipated and much-needed addition to the cast of heroes in the “Star Wars” universe. His considerable presence brought many viewers to the seats of the theater to see “The Empire Strikes Back” who may not have originally purchased a ticket. His overwhelming popularity and powerful performance opposite Diana Ross in the films “Mahogony” and “Lady Sings The Blues” led many women flocking to see his character, Lando Calrissian, in George Lucas’ space fantasy.n nBilly Dee’s career has encompassed so much, including the films “Undercover Brother”, “Nighthawks”, “Bingo Long” and “Bryan’s Song”. His introduction in the “Star Wars” trilogy allowed Billy Dee to continue his role in “Return of the Jedi”; as General Calrissian, piloting the Millennium Falcon directly into the second Death Star destroying it from within. His popularity in the fantasy Sci-Fi genre continued when he took the role of Gotham’s district attorney Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s “Batman”, lending his charming good looks and suave attitude to the film. His “Batman” legacy continued finally when he got to voice the character of “Two-Face” in the “LEGO: BATMAN” movie!n nBilly Dee Williams has been nominated for many industry awards including The Emmy, The Independent Spirit Award as well as winning the TV Land Award and the Image Award! Other amazing performances can be seen in the Indy film “The Visit” where he portrayed a father whose son is dying of AIDS in prison and for the same director, a film called “Constellation”.n nAside from his prestigious film career Billy Dee could also be seen on the television series “Dynasty”, “18 Wheels of Justice”, “Night Shift”, “Gideon’s Crossing”, “LOST” and more recently has had a few unforgettable roles on series such as “NCIS” and “White Collar”. Plus no one will forget his smooth voice and cool attitude as the official spokesman in the commercials for COLT 45 malt liquor…. “It works every time.”n nBilly Dee has a lighter side from serious acting and is “cool” poking fun at himself! Never afraid to laugh at himself, he has appeared as “himself” on “The Jeffersons”, “Scrubs”, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Modern Family”.n nHe has also co-starred on “Glee” and the remake of “Dirty Dancing”. And speaking of Dancing… Billy Dee was one of the celebrities chosen to participate in the highly popular TV series “Dancing with the Stars”, an experience he says was one of the best of his life and one that was “a lot of work”!n nBilly Dee has kept the character of Lando Calrissian alive for all his “Star Wars” fans! He has voiced the character for numerous incarnations of video games and a Las Vegas slot machine as well as TV series including “Robot Chicken”, The Cleveland Show”, “Star Wars Detours”, “Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles”, “The Lego Movie” and for Disney’s “Star Wars Rebels”.n nHis acting career, however, does not completely engross his time. Billy Dee is also an accomplished award-winning artist whose paintings are displayed around the globe. The Smithsonian Institute even owns one of his paintings! He’s been nominated for a Guggenheim Award and has won the Hallgarten Award (these are considered the “Oscars’ of the art world).n nIf acting and painting wasn’t enough, he also co-authored a few books including a love story called “Twilight” (with author Elizabeth Atkins Bowman) and the sci-fi thriller “Psi Net” (with author Rob MacGregor) and its sequels.

4:15 pm

Billy Dee Williams Photo Op :: Photo Booth B
Billy Dee Williams
Friday May 24, 2019 :: 4:15 pm

4:45 pm

Billy Dee Williams Signing :: H112 - Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams
Friday May 24, 2019 :: 4:45 pm

1:15 pm

Billy Dee Williams :: West 301A
Billy Dee Williams
Saturday May 25, 2019 :: 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm

2:30 pm

Billy Dee Williams Photo Op :: Photo Booth B
Billy Dee Williams
Saturday May 25, 2019 :: 2:30 pm

3:00 pm

Billy Dee Williams Signing :: H112 - Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams
Saturday May 25, 2019 :: 3:00 pm

1:00 pm

Billy Dee Williams Photo Op :: Photo Booth A
Billy Dee Williams
Sunday May 26, 2019 :: 1:00 pm

1:30 pm

Billy Dee Williams Signing :: H112 - Billy Dee Williams
Billy Dee Williams
Sunday May 26, 2019 :: 1:30 pm

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