Weapon Dancing Workshops with Brutal Ballets Weapons Division CANCELLED May 20

West 208 AB

Saturday May 25, 2019 - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

"I don't plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me. I might be small, Lord Glover, and I might be a girl, but I am every bit as much a Northerner as you. And I don’t need your permission to defend the North, we’ll begin training every man, woman, boy, and girl on Bear Island" - Lyanna Mormont. This weapon workshop will train all you Northerners to fight the army of the dead, who will be getting to Winterfell any day now. You will be instructed by real Wildling Spearwives, who have faced them in combat in previous seasons of Game of Thrones, and survived. They will show you all the stances, moves and forms you will need to live through the long night - and put it to a metal soundtrack where you can learn it like a dance! You will become the warriors we need in this fight for the living! Dornish bamboo swords, with the finest Valeryan duct tape will be supplied to you on the day. Weapons dance workshop – 90 minutes, including a weapon dance performance and a photo with the Spearwives if you would like one with your own camera.