UPDATED day and time 5/19:Finding The Superhero In Every Child

North 228B

Sunday May 29, 2022 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

It's there, you just have to look! Darren Burch- Retired Sgt. Darren Burch spent four years in Military Intelligence and thirty years in Law enforcement. Darren is now retired and hosts BADGE BOYS radio, podcast and TV show. He's written the award-winning "Twisted But True" book trilogy, and was the featured detective on ID Channel's "American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda." As a Child, Darren had a debilitating speech impediment, due to an auditory processing disorder, and was horrifically bullied at school for many years. With lots of hard work and the help of a retired first grade school teacher, Darren eventually learned to speak and now talks for a living! Laura Pahules, Founder and President of Control/Alt/Delete, has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector in a variety of human service environments. Ms. Pahules knew that domestic violence was a systemic problem that impacted every single organization and agency she managed. From the homeless to foster care, domestic violence was a common denominator. Though her education is outside the realm of human service, she utilizes that education and career experience to run Control Alt Delete - a nonprofit that helps people escape domestic violence by providing one time assistance to remove the barriers that keep them in unsafe environments. When their lives are turned upside down by domestic violence, the strength and clarity of a child to identify the need to flee is often what sets an escape from domestic violence in motion. Susan Stoltz - Author of 13 children's books that not only focus on wildlife and conservation but also on being yourself no matter the peer pressure to be like others. Susan visited schools on a national tour with her Jack Russell Terrier, after she wrote a book about anti-bullying. Her focus was how children manage to find the superhero within themselves, both by seeking help on the one side of the issue, and by changing bullying behavior on the other. It takes a hero to admit mistakes and change behavior.



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